Advanced Products for Integrated Hydraulic Systems

Inserta® is an innovative developer and manufacturer of hydraulic ball valves, hydraulic check valves, hydraulic modular fittings, hydraulic connectors, and other unique components for modern hydraulic systems. While conventional piping systems are still used, experienced installers are increasingly turning to our great line of innovative products for integrated hydraulic systems. Inserta®’s modular components reduce the number of parts and connections in an assembly, and can result in a very compact and professionally appearing system. A robust modular setup makes hydraulic systems easier to install, maintain, repair, and modify. With more secure connections systems are more reliable, last longer, and require less maintenance.

Inserta® flange type hydraulic valves, hydraulic connectors, and hydraulic adapters utilize robust O-ring face seals for the most leak resistant connections. They are assembled using small wrenches, making reliable connections easy to make. Interstitial piping Is not required, thus eliminating components and leakage points. Many items offered are unique and patented, and were developed by individuals with years of experience in hydraulic system and hydraulic power unit design. Our flange body surface finishes and workmanship are among the best in the industry. We scrap items of a quality that some of our competitors are happy to sell. Our modular fitting elbows have radiused internal passageways to maximize performance, a feature lacking on many of our competitor’s products. Components for joining two flange ports in a minimum of distance, and for placing flange ports together most closely, are but two examples of products offered nowhere else.

Inserta® modular flange type hydraulic ball valves, hydraulic check valves, hydraulic modular fittings and hydraulic connectors are manufactured to work with all standard SAE J518 flange type components. All of our products for integrated hydraulic systems meet our rigorous performance standards. We have in-house capacity for pressure fatigue, burst, and flow testing. Each valve is tested after assembly. We have developed our own dedicated manufacturing, processing, testing, and marking machinery in order to provide the best products at advantageous pricing. All flange type valve bodies and modular fittings, made from steel or stainless steel, are traceable to manufacturing lot and material certification. Our hydraulic ball valves have a robust build for reliable operation over the long term, and we offer a variety of hydraulic check valves suited to specific applications.

If you need to give your hydraulic assembly a serious upgrade, or if you are starting from a clean sheet of paper and want to design a modern, high performing, and professionally appearing hydraulic system, review Inserta®’s products for integrated hydraulic systems.