Inserta® IGT (Stainless Steel) Check Valves Guided Disc, Thread-type

Inserta Check Valve

INSERTA® IGT (Stainless Steel) Check Valves Guided Disc, Thread-In type, with threads compatible with O-ring port cavities made to SAE J1926-1, can be inserted in manifolds, subplates, flanges, and integrated valve systems.

Valve components are made from austenitic and precipitation hardened stainless steels. They may be considered in applications where broader operating temperature ranges are required, or for use with operating media that may be corrosive to standard steels.

The guided disc design (patent pending) provides superior resistance to wear in conditions prone to turbulence, which may induce valve disc flutter in an unguided disc. The guided disc is also less prone to chatter in low flow states.

Valve discs and seats are hardened and flat lapped for positive fluid shut off.

The valve disc may be provided with a customer specified orifice to provide fixed orifice flow control function in the checked direction.