Inserta® IGS (Steel) Check Valve Guided Disc, Slip-In Type

Inserta IGS Check Valve

Partial Cut-away Shown

INSERTA® IGS (Steel) Check Valves Guided Disc, Slip-In type, may be considered as an alternative to standard ICS Slip-In Type valves for more demanding applications.

The Guided Disc design (patent pending) affords improved longevity in applications prone to turbulence, high flow rate transients, higher cycling, and applications with right angle flow.

Pressure drops across the valve in right angle flow applications are typically significantly lower than similarly sized thread-in type cartridge valves, resulting in increased system efficiency, and decreased heat generation.

The IGS guided disc check valves are compatible with ICS standard disc valve cavities, and may be interchanged in ICF and ICFS flanged valve bodies.

The valve components are steel. The valve discs and seats are hardened and flat lapped for positive fluid shut off.

The valve disc may be provided with a customer specified orifice to provide fixed orifice flow control function in the checked direction.